My philosophy

Boudoir is for everyone

I'm Rocky, a San Diego boudoir photographer. I created Love Spell out of deep adoration for the feminine spirit. I firmly believe that you and your body are perfect now, not a couple of years ago...or in a few weeks or months, and deserve to be celebrated. When you are with me, I want you to feel empowered, emboldened, and unapologetic. There is a light in everyone that deserves to shine, and I would be so honored to capture yours.

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fine art, editorial & moody boudoir

Capturing the magic within you. Telling your story.

This ain't your momma's pinup photos told through the male gaze. I am here to shine a light upon the magic that is already within you and tell your story through every fold, curve, and shape your body creates.

Did I also mention, it's a hell of a lot of fun?

how to tell that you're ready for a session with me:

I. You're a little scared

Being vulnerable is scary, and is totally normal. We've been taught all our lives by society to hide our "flaws", to tuck our self worth deep inside and rely on others and their opinions for confidence. I'm here to help you take that jump into the deep pool of zero f*cks, and baby—the water is nice 👌

II. You're ready to be adored (by yourself)

Having beautiful photos at the end of the experience is a perk indeed, but you shouldn't book with me if you're doing this solely as a gift for a loved one. You should book with me if you want an empowered experience where you'll get to see your true magic.

III. You're waiting for the "right time"

I'll tell you a little secret—it's today. You are worthy of being seen right now. It wasn't a few years ago before "life got in the way", or in a few months when you've "gotten back in shape", it is right now. Your body is the least interesting thing about you and does not define you or your worth. Here at Love Spell, your beauty shines from the inside and that is what I hope to capture. You: your magical, divine, you are.

Kind words from my coven

Oh. My. God. Honestly, one of the most special, unique, soul nourishing experiences I have ever had! A once-in-a-lifetime art thrill. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Rocky. I was soooo nervous, but the moment I met her, all fears melted away and became gratitude! Rocky has an enthusiastic, genuine, warm spirit and I felt so safe, supported and inspired the entire time!

Kind words from my coven

Rocky was absolutely INCREDIBLE. From the first hug when I got to the location she made me feel safe and comfortable. The whole time Rocky made me feel beautiful and powerful and, I wish I could bring her with me everywhere as my hype girl! I can’t recommend her enough and this is from someone who came into it unsure and timid, and who looked into a LOT of photographers before deciding on Rocky (I had 4 consultation calls before her but the feeling was instantaneous with Rocky!

miss c.

Kind words from my coven

...this was the most incredible experience I’ve had in my life. I felt so beautiful, confident, and safe. Putting aside how incredibly beautiful the photos turned out, the shoot itself was an experience every woman should have. Rocky made me feel so comfortable during our shoot, and it allowed for us to make nothing less than magic together. The creativity and artistry she has is something so rare, and translates into the most gorgeous pics I’ve ever seen. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and I genuinely can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kind words from my coven

It is so evident that Rocky loves what she does and loves giving the time to her clients, perfecting where things lay, how they are lit, and that they are comfortable. Her space is magical and her client closet has a little bit of everything for everyone. Everyone deserves to feel the way Rocky has made me feel these are, seriously, the most gorgeous photos I have ever had of myself! Thank you Rocky!