My 60 second bio

emotive moody boudoir in san diego

I love good times, with good people (especially bad b*tches) 🤘

I spent my childhood following my dad around the backlots of studios in Los Angelas, and my high school years in the bootheel of Missouri. I spent a few years in the Navy working on helicopters and in between all that, I've been around all yonder parts of the U.S. I love meeting new people and exploring the wild world around me. I am obsessed and most passionate about capturing the feminine spirit, and I can't wait to meet you.

(Portraits of me by Carrie Anne Kelly)

Why did I create Love Spell?

let's make some magic

Boudoir is healing, empowering, and uplifting.

I grew up in a body-neutral household, thanks to my bad*ass momma (pictured here). My mother not once, EVER—talked about my body in reference to its changing shape or weight. She refused to instill any of the toxic patriarchial traits that was passed down to her. I grew up valuing my mind, my soul, my actions, rather than my looks. I started boudoir from a point of empowerment, and my mission is to help other women (and womxn) to see themselves in as they are—magic beings worthy of being seen and adored.

Your body is worthy now of being seen—not a few years ago, or a few months from today. NOW.

Don't fool yourself—society has taught you no matter what, your body is never perfect. It doesn't matter if you're a size 2 or 22, something will always be wrong.

Well, I say—F*CK THAT. Don't let the bastards win. You are magic. You are ethereal. Every scar, fold, mark, crease, and texture your body holds tells your story. Let's capture it.

Inclusive. Supportive. Loved.

You are welcome here.

The empowering experience of boudoir at Love Spell Boudoir is welcome to all—any race, gender expression, size, age.. I support and love working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I recognize sex work as real work. I am your photographer if you want more than a pretty picture—I am here to capture and tell your truth.

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